QR Code – What they are and how they work.

The QR code is a tool that allows us to visualize certain information, this is very useful in all types of businesses, since it allows the customer to have the desired information within reach through any device that can read the QR code.

What are QR codes

The acronym QR in this code corresponds to Quick Response, so its correct translation would be Quick Response Code, since its main objective was that these codes could be read at high speed.


The QR Code is a system that evolved from the traditional bar code and stores information in two-dimensional bars or a matrix of points and was created in 1994 by the Japanese company Denso Wave.

What we can do with a QR code

Thanks to advances in technology and more specifically in smartphones, we can share almost all types of information through these codes:

  • Text of 300 words maximum.
  • Web address to the website itself or to Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc.
  • Información de contacto con nombre, empresa, teléfono, dirección, etc. They can be used as a business card.
  • Dirección email.
  • SMS.
  • Access keys to a wifi network.
  • Telephone number.
  • Geolocation to see on the map.
  • Data for an event (schedules, information, etc.)

By just going out on the street you can realize how widespread the use of these codes is, you can find it from pasted in a lamppost to mark the location of a place to a restaurant to access the menu.

But they can also have other uses more focused on advertising, currently you can find these codes in magazines, newspapers or street ads and the information they contain is usually advertising about the product which can facilitate the process of publicizing the product and its sale.

How QR codes work

As you have seen it would be impossible to read these codes without access to a QR code reader application of a device, since it is formed by a matrix of points which are not readable by us.

To access the information contained in a QR code, just follow 3 simple steps:

  1. Check that your device has a QR code reader, there are applications that help you read them.
  2. Once the reader application has been opened, the camera must be pointed at the code.
  3. The code will be read in a few seconds and you will be able to access the information it contains.

Recommendations for using QR codes

The main advantage of these codes can also become a disadvantage, the fact that obtaining information is simple and immediate means that they can be used to install harmful programs or send us to dangerous websites.

That’s why we want to give you two basic recommended :

  • Choose applications for reading QR codes that allow you to view the website before entering it
  • Scanning codes from trusted sites.

QR code in your business

Lately we are living in a complicated period due to the Coronavirus, this has made that we have to extreme the hygienic measures and that is why the QR codes can be very useful.

With these codes you can have all kinds of information in your mobile keeping the correct measures of hygiene and distance and for that this Encártate, with this application you can convert your letter with all its data in a QR code.

If you are interested in this new tool we recommend that you contact us by phone or through the website.